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2014 March 1
Posted by Ofobuike
      It’s always fun walking through the busy, urban streets of Lille with the usual energy that the city gives with a huge population of young people, both students and working class. …RED HANDED! from BCBé has decided to catch and expose all the deeds of these ‘Lilloises’ as the French would put it. This new platform looks forward to bringing you the freshest looks from the streets of Lille, Roubaix, the rest of France and everywherelse which can only be found here. These looks will be analysed one after the other as they are published as looks of the week after which these weekly looks will be compiled as a monthly release.
   I couldn’t walk away from this brilliant mixture of artistic brilliance worn in form of clothes  which is why I had to catch him RED HANDED!
                                                             season:Fall 2013                                         


       The unusual mix pulled-off with this look makes it all worth it. The hat gives it a rich, socialist and classic feel to the whole scene which is further toned-down by the casual vibe evoked by the very urban and youthful Denim shirt with double breast pockets which is hovered-over by the official look defined by the dark blue chesterfiled overcoat. The auburn coloured trouser creates a brige between the brownish tint on the Russian Cossack hat and the brilliant beige exhibited by the pastel-coloured, artistic shoes.                                                                                             

       The SHOES still remain the most treasured piece and a rare wonder, resembling a delicately treated medieval painting  which  has been adapted here, into the idea of shoe-making. There is an interesting attention to texture and coulours which are displayed on the picture in form of a colour range that can also give
ideas on the colours to watch out for. The idea of pastel coulours suits the season in a way that it’s diverse while being toned down which adds more mystery and class to this interesting story of  politics, art, and urban spunk.
       Wearable artwork?
    I definitely think that’s the perfect phrase for this pair with an interesting mix of beige, antique ruby and queen blue.
    This look is an interesting mix of different periods,tends, pieces and age brackets which amazingly works well despite its unusual nature. This proudly gets the award for ‘MEN WHO DARE’ from BCBé as an evidence of bravery and originality in fashion which is becoming rare in a world where cliché is slowly being  embraced as a masterpiece.
photos: Ofobuike

Attire Club “We Are Fashion” Documentary trailer

2013 December 27
Posted by Ofobuike

A fashion initiative put together by Attire club (by Fraquoh and Franchomme) to bring the interests and personalities of different fashion bloggers from all over the world has just been realised and I’m honoured to have participated. A big THANK YOU to the whole of Attire club.Watch trailer here:  Attire Club \”We Are Fashion\” Documentary trailer


2013 April 15
Posted by Ofobuike

The DSQUARED2 label has always been known for  being young, fun and innovative with their collections and runway themes. We are still trying to  get over the class room runway theme from one of their recent shows for men before the earth got hit by this chocolate bomb of change and jazzy- fizzle. Think of this as that favourite movie series of  yours in which a character breaks the sacred code and goes rogue.

It’s definitely not news that Milan Men Fashion Week is known for it’s edgey and ultra-Masculine collections with an impermeable coat of elegance, charm and undeniable presence. Dean and Dan Caten have broken the code of  runway and have done the unthinkable and unseen with the colour of the models and the positive light in which the image, class and style of a black man have been showcased. According to them (Dean and Dan), the inspiration of the collection came from Jazz which was offcourse mixed with the identity of the house with preppy jeans for the working and independent man who paves the outdoors with the signature DSQUARED2 chunky boots.

Now it’s time to talk about the trends…hmmmm! this is  a “do it all without over-doing” collection. Confidence in a brilliant mix of  classic shoes with black and white leather,velvet and blazers, rugged and faded jeans, chunky boots, classic scarves, ties(bow and traditional), luxury leather bags, suspenders/braces, eyewear, hats and a rare conjuction of lace and embroidery.

Here, we see a working man who isn’t afraid to have fun before, during and after the hustle that comes with the current global economic recession which is further showcased by the versatile mix of different worlds. Whether he’s out in a dark blue and green tartan-pattern blazer, attending high-class events in a sleek tux accentuated by satin lapels and a shy fringe hidden at the bottom which doesn’t show at the top, out and about unwinding and catching up with friends in some colour and prints crowned by a chic brown leather jacket, or just playing with all elements at the same time with an ecclectic mix of fabric in a shirt with a casual side emphasized by denim, this fearless man reigns supreme.

Enfin, the twin masterminds as they call themselves said there was an all-coloured cast of models because there was no better way to showcase the final result of their inspiration. I’ve never seen male models this excited during and back stage a fashion show, which ended with models carrying one of the masterminds in the air with happy chants.Final verdict- extremely brilliant mix of fabrics, trends unseen and colours held ransom by over-the-top excitement and fearlessness of the new image of the modern man.


Fashion Update:Michael Jackson, resurrected by Jean-Paul Gaultier in Paris Fashion Week

2012 October 12
Posted by Ofobuike

BCBé: Jean-Paul Gaultier always has something new to drop people’s jaws at every annual fashion week. His exceptional and unorthodox views towards fashion makes him stand out from the crowd. His collections always exhibit  a sense of humour that’s hard to find. In this collection, he pays tribute to the most popular music icons that shook the world in the 80′s and early 90′s(David Bowie, Grace Jones, Michael Jackson, Shade Adu, Madonna and others) which is the main reason why everybody has to catch a glimpse.

He adds a Parisian chic attitude to each piece. He took the personal styles of these icons which make them unique and jazzed it up the way it’s done at Jean -Paul Gaultier. David Bowie’s eccentricity, Grace Jones’ Night clubbing, MJ’s beat it, Shade’s sweetest taboo and Madonna’s La Isla bonita are all the goodies JPG has given us for next yearwhile reminding us about the styles and modern influence of these stars even in the present day that will never be history but remain in the books of history.

You have officially been given the confidence to use your favourite stars as an inspiration for looking good without looking like a person in a costume. It’s also important to remember that fashion shows are a way for designers to showcase their ideas and concepts in an elaborate form which doesn’t necessarily transcend into real life. You are free to tone it down for yourself off the runway.

Here are more interesting looks from the show which depicts Grace Jones, Michael Jackson, and Madonna. Heels , stilettos and chic boots. All hail Jean-Paul Gaultier!

Fashion Update:Ermanno Scervino,Spring 2013

2012 October 1
Posted by Ofobuike

BCBé:Ermanno scervino collection  is known for it’s simple colors, sweaters and a burst of masculinity that goes with the vibe Milan fashion week brings to the floor. It’s not news that 2013 spring collections for men are more of experimenting with colours and creating detail with simple accessories like bracelets in this case. This fall, they’ve given us black, white,  grey and a slight pop of color and Ermanno Scervino has given the world exactly what men need for spring next year, the best coaching lesson ever. This collection has something for men of all ages which is what this house shows us all season round. In this collection, we see  masculine colours without unnecessary pop of sharp colours. It’s beige, navy blue, alice blue, olive drab, and white.

The first look from the left is  a mature look more suitable for men at their mid twenties also men from ages 30 and above because of the touch of the hat and the earthly colours. The deliberately worn-out suede oxford shoes steals it’s spirit from the typical desert boots which was really trending on the runways and also in street style manuals not too long ago. The sweaters, shirts, blazers and trousers are all loose while being perfectly fitted at the same time. The texture of of the scarves brings a flirty and soft side to this spring man, showing his romantic side in order to complement  the dominant masculinity especially posed by the rugged suede shoes and the classic shoes in the other pictures.

The third look from the left show an iconic sweater with buttons that open from  the neck down to the shoulders. This particular sweater has been seen in D&G shows about last year but not with the button opening and not this clean and fresh. This is new and elegant while being rough around the edges and free.

The fourth look shows sort of a whimsical sweater which is unusual, there isn’t a strife towards perfection with the lines and buttons which makes it all perfect.

These looks from the same show exhibits  a man who wants to feel the breeze and seek a sort of marine but masculine feeling. The first and second looks show a flirty man willing to steal  chic touches from his feminine side and yet twisting it with his predominant masculinity, that is with the slim, long  belt and flowy, blue scarf. This man also likes to call necessary attention to himself which is perfectly achieved by the very brown, suede shoes. And YES! men carry purses, this is masculine, slim, portmanteau-inspired and fashion forward. Today, you can conveniently carry your Ipad with this purse and a few papers or documents. The third look is perfect for a younger man just like the model who is rough around the edges and experimental and fun with the pink scarf. This collection oozes success, romance, masculinity, poise and confidence.

Body Watch: HAIR! (Woman)

2012 September 23
Posted by Ofobuike

BCBé:Brazilian Hair,Peruvian Hair,Indian Hair…Whatever it is. Here @ BCBé,a black woman should know the source of the hair she wears as the obsession these days is outrageous. Men now have to think twice before having girl friends because of the anticipated cost.These questions have therefore been extracted for your consideration:

Is a stranger’s hair worth taking care of over mine?

Is a stranger’s hair worth obsessing over?

Am i ready to spend jaw-dropping amounts of money on hair that’s not mine?

Where does this hair come from anyways?

These questions are not being imposed on anyone,they’re just considerations and no judgements are being made here,it’s left to you to comment, decide, or judge. According to a documentary carried out by Chris Rock (American comedian), Indian Hair comes from the heads of various Indian women sacrificing their hair to the god’s for favour and good health.The dangers of using relaxers were also emphasized.Relaxers contain harmful chemicals that destroy hair follicles, the reason why relaxed hair hardly grows and women get burned scalps.Men pay crazy amounts of money on their wives and girl friend’s hair but are not allowed to touch it or put their hands through.

From here, we opine that it’s better to pay more attention to your natural hair than obsess or focus on hair that’s not yours.You can have a new look with it and look good but don’t destroy your own hair and have to cover it up with removable weaves.See it as a way of making your  natural hair rest and not making it totally forgotten and fried dead with numerous chemicals.Black Hair is beautiful, delicate and  cannot withstand a lot of chemicals.Follow this link to get the whole package

Fashion Update:Milan Fashion Week

2012 September 20
Posted by Ofobuike

BCBé:It’s Milan fashion week.Masculinity in the men’s collection and the edgy women’s collection.Away from the perfect glamour of paris fashion week.Milan fashion week is hip,chic and elegant at the same time.Here are the dates and the designers:


10:30 am: Paola Frani
10:30 am: Elena Miro
11 am: Kristina Ti
11:30 am: Mila Schon
12:30 pm:Simonetta Ravizza
1:15 pm: Angelo Marani
2 pm: Gucci
4 pm: John Richmond
5 pm: Alberta Ferretti
6 pm: N°21
7 pm: Francesco Scognamiglio


9:30 am: Max Mara
10:30 am: Blugirl
11:30 am: Emporio Armani
12:30 pm: Silvio Betterelli
1 pm: Andrea Incontri
2 pm: Ermanno Scervino
3 pm: Roccobarocco
4 pm: Krizia
5 pm: Jo No Fui
6 pm: Prada
6 pm: Daniela Gregis
7 pm: Ports 1961


9:30 am: Moschino
10:30 am: Les Copains
11:30 am: Just Cavalli
12:30 pm: Etro
2 pm: C’N'C Costume National
3 pm: Iceberg
4 pm: Blumarine
5 pm: Sportmax
6 pm: Gabriele Colangelo
7 pm: Versace
7 pm: Aigner
10 pm: Versus


9:30 am: Bottega Veneta
11:30 am: Frankie Morello
11:30 am: Pin Up Stars
11:30 am: Maurizio Pecoraro
12:30 pm: Fendi
2 pm: Antonio Marras
3 pm: Jil Sander
3 pm: Cividini
4 pm: Genny
5 pm: Ter et Bantine
6 pm: Aquilano.Rimondo
7 pm: Emilio Pucci


9:30 am: Marni
10:30 am: Bally
10:45 am: Multibrand Blue
11:30 am: Trussardi
12:30 pm: Laura Biagiotti
2 pm: Dolce & Gabbana
3 pm: Byblos
4 pm: Missoni
5 pm: Marco de Vincenzo
6 pm: Salvatore Ferragamo
7 pm: Giorgio Armani


9:30 am: Dsquared2
10:30 am: Massimo Rebecchi
10 am: Roberto Cavalli
12:30 pm: Gianfranco Ferré
1:30 pm: Luisa Beccaria
2:30 pm: Normaluisa
3:30 pm: Leronzo Riva
4:30 pm: Cristiano Burani


10 am: Sergei Grinko
10:45 am: Basharatyan V

Fashion Update:Marc Jacobs NYFW(MAN)

2012 September 19
Posted by Ofobuike

BCBé: Hats , proportionate patterns, complementary colours, lines, faded colours & colour fusion! Marc Jacobs has given us all these in His latest collection for spring 2013 @ the just concluded NYFW (New York Fashion Week). 2013 spring season will definitely be interesting with this collection, the reason why the most interesting looks are being served directly to you. Cool colours and a colour mixture from nature makes up this collection. The hats, patterns, shorts, rolled-up trousers and printed socks brings-in youth, the urge for comfort and a flair to experiment. This collection embraces all men who want to feel young again but age appropriate with the masculine and mature shoes. Older men can definitely mix pieces from different looks. For instance, a stylish, 50 year old man could wear the shirt and/or blazer from the first look (from L-R), the white shoes from the first look also, the trousers from the second look in the middle because of its retro-base. He could also go with /without the hat, the printed socks may not be age appropriate so for His age, a plane black or grey socks and a bag with only one colour all through and preferably leather will be best.

Fashion Update:Mulberry’s Monster A/W 2012 Campaign.

2012 September 17
Posted by Ofobuike

BCBé:Whimsical,shaggy fur,lavish sheep skin,beastly,earthy,woodsy are the features that this Mulberry Fairytale Campaign has brought to us all this Autumn/Winter season.Shot by British photographer Tim Walker (lavish, fantastical photo shoots are his trademark), the Autumn Winter 2012 campaign plays on the romance and darkness of children’s fairy tales reminding us of “The Chronicles of Narnia” … “Red riding hood” & this perfect season of ”Snow White and the Huntsman”.

The campaign’s Art Director Ronnie Cooke Newhouse says the photos are “iconic, ironic and a little bit naughty.” Photographer Tim Walker has said “Ever since I was a little boy, I always hoped to see a monster in the woods. And BCBé  ? Aside from wanting the shaggy coat for this Autumn/Winter Season, we can’t stop humming “Mirror on the wall…Who is fairest of them all?”

Images: Photographer; Tim Walker, Art Direction; Ronnie Cooke Newhouse and Stephen Wolstenholme at House and Holme.

Fashion Update(LONDON FASHION WEEK,Spring 2013)

2012 September 14
Posted by Ofobuike

NYFW came and went.It’s now time for  for the new-new which is London Fashion Week,Spring 2013.This  is what you all should watch out for, every day as you get all your updates here.

London Fashion Week
spring 2013 rtw / sep. 14–18

FRI. 14

9 am: Antoni & Allison
1 pm: Maria Grachvogel
2 pm: Corrie Nielsen
3:15 pm:Bora Aksu
4 pm:Unconditional
5 pm: Jean-Pierre Braganza
6 pm: sass&bide
7 pm:Felder Felder
7:45 pm:PPQ

SAT. 15

9 am: Daks
10 am: Kinder Aggugini
11 am: Clements Ribeiro
12 pm: Fashion East
1 pm: Jasper Conran
2 pm: Holly Fulton
3 pm: Todd Lynn
4 pm: rag & bone
5 pm: John Rocha
6 pm: House of Holland
7 pm: Issa London
8 pm: Moschino Cheap & Chic

The Exhibition at LFW is brought together over two floors at Somerset House, featuring 110 designers, including 30 new designers.

NOW SHOWING:Catch up with the Corrie Nielsen show @ this second.